Trying Some Champagne–First Tasting 

Enough with the factual information about Champagne, let’s take this into the learning phase.  Before we can go onto this, there are just a few things that we have to cover.  Champagne should be served cold at about 43 to 48°F (7°C).  When I visited the Champagne region we were told to not stick your bottle in the freezer for a quick cool down.  We were advised instead to put the bottle into a Champagne bucket filled with ice.

I know that everyone loves to drink champagne out of the flutes, but for the best experience, drink it out of a glass with a slightly bigger bowl.  I drink mine out of a chardonnay glass.  Why, do you ask?  It is the best glass to really allow to smell the ‘nose’ of the Champagne.

Champagnes are a blend of the different joined from the 3 grapes. Which you probably know already. The % of the blends can sometimes be found, not necessarily on the bottles but I did find some information on the website of some of the hypermarches in France. 

First in the list to try is a blanc de noir, which is a bit a blend from from the Pinot Noir grapes. 

 As you can see the cost of the bottle was 21.90€. 

The second bottle is a blanc de blanc,  which is a 100% Chardonnay Champagne. I bought all the bottle in Monoprix. If you are following this blog from the US, try some of the bigger liquor stores to see if they have any of the Champagne. 

To be Continued….